About Us

Since the beginning of the farm, chickens have played an important role. What started as a soil improvement program (chickens do a great job fertilizing) developed into an egg business and most recently into a breeding program that will provide chicks to the region.

Over the years I have raised many different breeds of chickens, mostly for eggs, some for meat. The first few years I had at least 5 different kinds of laying hens to see what fit best on the farm. I like hens that are good foragers of some of their own feed (or course supplemented with organic grain), calm, good egg producers and of heavier body type in order to provide yet another gift at the end of their productive time as a laying hen: a stewing hen. Typically I have found the non hybrid, standard bred poultry to work best in my system. 

Astralorp and Aseel

Astralorp and aseel is our main breeds we focused on to provide you 

there organic eggs and chicks on pre-order